MOVE organizes events internally and externally on a monthly basis. These events typically consist of dance activations, health/wellness talks, and/or fund-raising classes.

MOVE also supports numerous organizations/brands in the delivery of sports events. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Sports National Day across major cities in Saudi Arabia, lead by Sports for All Federations.
    MOVE carried out all the dance activations for over 1,500 children a day during the Sports National Day initiative. We lead dance sessions for over 24,000 children in total!
  • Apple Watch Series 5 activation at MOVE
  • Mobility event in partnership with Nike at Barre UAE
  • Dance event at Sandclash
  • Dance event at the opening of Bounce
  • Wellness talk at Women’s Skills Bureau.


  • Private sessions and private group sessions
  • Social media advertising and outreach support for events
  • Team building activities for organizations
  • Headhunting and talent management