Corporate Social Responsibility


A social media challenge and account aimed at encouraging people to move for 30 minutes across 30 days. The challenge is carried out for an entire month, annually, targeting the entire Kingdom.

Public Talks

Carried out at the studio every quarter covering the following topics – veganism/sustainability, fitness and wellness, and extreme sports.

Nike Training Club (2017-2019)

Free fitness sessions carried out twice weekly for females of all ages.

Charity Classes and Events

Classes and events organized to fundraise for various causes and charities. Charity sessions are organized once a month at MOVE.

Happy Bootcamps (2017)

An initiative aimed at getting people active through team activities. The initiative consisted of free bootcamp sessions over a three week period.

Community Racing Clubs

Voluntary support offered to a number of racing clubs. Our support includes: promotion/outreach, securing sponsorship for races, and offering warm-up/mobility sessions at races.

Clean-up/Hiking sessions

Organized by the studio once every quarter. These sessions take place at various trails that are contaminated with garbage and human litter. Dozens of volunteers join in to support.